Premises ID for livestock and poultry in Canada

A Premises Identification number is a unique national number assigned to a piece of land by a provincial or territorial government. A premises is any parcel of land where animals or food are kept, assembled, grown or disposed of.

How do I get my premises identified?

The process varies by province or territory, but the owners or managers of the land must provide basic land and contact information:

  • Legal land description or geo-referenced coordinates;

  • Contact and/or owner name and coordinates, along with name of operation, if available;

  • Premises type (eg farm, abattoir, etc.);

  • What animals, plants and food have been kept, assembled, disposed of or grown in the last year on the premises.

Information will be verified to ensure accuracy and is protected under privacy legislation. There is no charge to participate.

Why is premises ID important?

Premises ID is an important part of a full traceability system that also includes animal identification and animal movement. In the event of an animal health or food safety issue, the faster suspect animals or food products can be identified, the better. While rare, a single disease such as Foot and Mouth Disease or avian influenza can shut down the movement of animals and call their health into question. The use of premises ID may help reduce response times and allow for a quick containment of suspect animals. For more information on premises ID, contact your provincial agriculture department.

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