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Horse Hauling Course


Transporting your horse does not have to be a stressful event for you or your horse

To host a Horse Hauling Course contact Jennifer Woods

This interactive course was developed for recreational and performance horse owners and caregivers. The Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) training program offers training for commercial haulers.


This course covers:

  • trailer design

  • animal behaviour and handling

  • handler safety

  • biosecurity

  • horse comfort during transport

  • incident (accident) response

  • transport regulatory requirements for Canada

  • insurance requirements

  • manifests and horse permits

Participants are also made aware of industry resources including the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and Health of Animals transport regulations including information on determining if an animal is fit for transport.

Contact us for more details on this course including cost.



Jennifer Woods

Livestock handling specialist Jennifer Woods of Blackie, Alberta developed and delivers the Horse Hauling Course. She has extensive experience with cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, elk and bison and she has an Animal Science degree from Colorado State University. Jennifer has been developing and delivering courses to the livestock industry since 1988. She has certified Canadian universities for the Canadian Council on Animal Care and developed a livestock behavior and handling curriculum for colleges. Visit Jennifer's web site for more information on her courses and presentations.

Mikki Shatosky

Mikki is the project coordinator for the Horse Hauling Course. Working as an animal health and welfare consultant since 1995 her experience includes the development and management of numerous livestock handling courses and programs ( She grew up on a large mixed farm outside of Lomond, Alberta.

Jennifer and Mikki also work with the Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) training program.


Initial funding for this project was provided by the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

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