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BC Wildfires

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Horse Council BC appreciates and understands the urgency of evacuating the horses in the fastest and safest way possible but there is extreme importance to recording and tracking the hauling and housing of each horse...

Horse Council BC is facilitating a central registry and has created a horse intake recording form to aid in monitoring horses displaced by the wildfires.

The horse intake form is to be used by individuals who are not registered with an organized evacuation centre or regulated group and that are hauling or housing horses that have been displaced by the wildfires.

The form will help to locate and ID displaced horses and should be distributed to any individual or facility who is acting of their own accord.

All information gathered via the intake form will be maintained and administered by Horse Council BC.


Donate to Horse Council BC’s Animal Disaster Relief Fund

If you would like to help supply cash, food, supplies, and various needed items to the emergency evacuation centres around BC that are housing displaced horses, livestock, and pets due to the wildfire emergency, please consider donating to the Horse Council BC Animal Disaster Relief Fund.

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