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1 Welfare of Horses in Canada: Benchmarking to the Code of Practice for Equine 2016-04-05
2 EIA Control 2016-04-05
3 Interesting education from USA - Equine Herpesvirus 2016-02-24
4 Traceability 2016-02-16
5 Importing horses from the United States 2015-06-25
6 National Farm and Facility Level Biosecurity Standard for the Equine Sector 2015-04-21
7 Horse Supply at a Glance 2014-04-10
8 Horsewelfare on Twitter 2013-07-20
9 Equine Life Numbers 2013-06-18
10 Equine Identification and Traceability 2012-09-24
11 Horse Slaughter in Canada 2012-09-24
12 Study on Equine Herpesvirus 1 (EHV-1) 2012-01-19
13 Dr. Temple Grandin at the Calgary Stampede 2011-07-10
14 SHF Equine Health and Welfare Report 2011-03-09
15 HWAC responds to concerns about horse welfare 2011-02-04
16 Horse Care in the Winter 2011-01-23
17 Horse welfare issues and solutions discussed at the Horse Summit 2011-01-21
18 The unintended consequences of banning horse-slaughter 2011-01-11
19 Why you should eat horsemeat: It's delicious 2011-01-07
20 Northwest tribes seek solutions to unwanted horses 2010-12-29
21 Equine rescue facilities can't handle influx of unwanted horses 2010-12-16
22 Summit of the Horse 2010-11-10
23 Government of Canada cracks down on livestock transport violators 2010-11-04
24 Unwanted Horses: Rescue and Sanctuary Organizations Unable to Keep Up 2010-10-20
25 Horse welfare and processing in the United States 2010-09-13
26 Updated ante-mortem requirements in effect July 31, 2010 2010-08-04
27 Private Members Bill C-544 to Ban Horse Slaughter 2010-06-22
28 Monitoring Canadian east-west livestock movements 2010-05-18
29 Horses not that special - how society views the role of livestock 2010-04-28
30 Wyoming legislation providing options of horse processing 2010-04-25
31 Nevada facing cutbacks to State Veterinarian position 2010-03-26
32 Inspection of Horse Meat in South Dakota 2010-03-23
33 Horse Industry Collaborates to Support Alberta Stables 2010-03-03
34 Trailering & Equine Travel Safety 2010-03-03
35 The Unwanted Horse in the US - international implications 2010-02-05
36 EquiRab Rabies Vaccine Effective in Study 2010-02-03
37 Screening reveals more piroplasmosis cases in US 2010-01-28
38 UOH Supports BLM Wild Horse Gathers 2010-01-04
39 Survey of the State of the US Horse Industry 2010-01-03
40 World Equestrian Games rules and protocols 2009-12-23
41 International Spread of Disease Reviewed for World Equine Vets 2009-12-08
42 This is what happens 2009-12-04
43 The Future of Animal Agriculture 2009-12-04
44 National Equine Welfare Code of Practice Endorsed 2009-11-12
45 Horse Market Collapses 2009-11-05
46 Horses: Wintering well 2009-11-04
47 Government to Study Unwanted Horse Issues 2009-10-27
48 Import of Equine Meat Products from Canada 2009-10-23
49 Slaughter horse petition handed to European Commission 2009-10-04
50 Horse slaughterhouse debated 2009-10-02
51 Equine Health Record 2009-08-31
52 AVMA response to HSUS (Pacelle) blog as delivered by Dr. Ron DeHaven, Executive Vice President and CEO, AVMA 2009-08-28
53 Equine Working Group 2009-08-28
54 Horse Welfare Alliance accepted on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Equine Working Group 2009-08-27
55 AQHA Animal Welfare Working Group Moving Forward with Objectives 2009-08-15
56 New EU rules may end slaughter of American Horses 2009-08-03
57 Animal Welfare: Allow science, not emotion, to tell us whether farm practices are humane 2009-07-26
58 Where Big Government ROAMs and the wild horses are put out to pasture 2009-07-19
59 Survey finds issue of unwanted horses growing 2009-07-16
60 Survey of Animal Control Centers Show Lack of County Facilities 2009-06-24
61 H.O.R.S.E. Act 2009-06-14
62 New group supports humane horse slaughter 2009-06-02
63 New equine industry group to hold first planning meeting 2009-06-02
64 Colorado Vets Polled on Unwanted Horse, Euthanasia Issues 2009-05-12
65 Horse facility bill lapses into law 2009-05-01
66 AQHA's new DVD & Greener Pastures Program Address Unwanted Horse Issue 2009-04-27
67 Oppose Criminalizing Horse Meat 2009-04-23
68 Slaughter bans are not the answer 2009-04-22
69 US fears horse harvest ban a step to veganism 2009-04-14
70 Montana Senate Passes Horse Slaughter Bill 2009-03-03
71 Animal Health Act and three regulations in effect Jan 1, 2009 2009-02-01
72 Unwanted horses in the United States 2008-07-17

Horse Health

Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) Health Alert

Equine infectious anemia (EIA), also known as “swamp fever,” is a viral disease of horses and other equids (i.e. donkeys, mules, and zebras) that causes recurrent episodes of fever, lethargy and destruction of red blood cells (anemia) and platelets (thrombocytopenia)

Equine Influenza

Equine influenza is a respiratory disease of horses and other equidae that causes coughing, nasal discharge, depression, inappetance and fever of more than 38.5°C

Vesicular Stomatitis

Vesicular stomatitis (VS) is a viral disease affecting horses, ruminants such as cattle, sheep and members of the deer and llama families, and swine

Strangles Disease

Strangles is a highly contagious bacterial disease of horses characterized by abscesses in the lymphoid tissue of the upper respiratory tract

Livestock owners encouraged to protect animals from anthrax

CFIA is urging livestock producers in the Prairie provinces to take the necessary precautions to protect their animals from anthrax this summer