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Interesting education from USA - Equine Herpesvirus PDF Print E-mail

Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy Incident Guidelines for State Animal Health Officials

Traceability PDF Print E-mail

Traceability helps increase the ability to respond quickly to health threats and other emergencies. In the event of an animal disease outbreak, theft, natural disaster, or other catastrophic emergency, industry and government can respond quickly to control the spread of disease...

Importing horses from the United States PDF Print E-mail

Canadians are reminded to check Canada's import requirements before arriving at the border with their horses.

Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines PDF Print E-mail
Horse Events: Biosecurity guidelines for organizers and competitors PDF Print E-mail

An outbreak of an infectious disease during or subsequent to an equine event has the potential to significantly impact the horse industry through loss of horse health and potentially life, loss of performance ability of individual horses, cancellation of events during disease outbreaks, increased veterinary costs, clean up costs and emotional stress.


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Horse Hauling Course

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Statement of Purpose

The communication of accurate information related to the Canadian horse industry to horse owners and the general public.


The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada will:

  1. support the existing education programs of each of its partners
  2. promote humane handling of horses throughout all of their life stages.
  3. inform its constituents and partners of matters and issues related to the welfare of the horse population.
  4. enhance public awareness of matters and issues relating to the welfare of the horse and the horse industry.
  5. strive to network with other organizations who assist the Alliance in the achievement of its purpose and objectives.

Questions and comments may be directed to the Chair Bill desBarres 403.526.1070

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The Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada is an alliance of provincial equine organizations and farm animal care groups whose purpose is the dissemination of accurate information related to the Canadian horse industry to horse owners and the general public.

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