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Articles, reports and informational guides covering all aspects of horse care, handling and general welfare.
1 Horses are livestock
2 Horse Events: Biosecurity guidelines for organizers and competitors
3 Barn Fires Involving Livestock Facts for First Responders
4 Emergency Preparedness
5 Minimizing Stress During Horse Transportation
6 Equine Guelph, online training and resources
7 Transporting your horse
8 CVMA Position Statement on Euthanasia
9 The Unwanted Horse in the United States - international implications
10 Recommended Handling Guidelines and Animal Welfare Assessment Tool for horses
11 Certified Assessor Standards of Conduct
12 Animal Welfare and Horse Processing Fact Sheet
13 Caregivers' Guide to Rehabilitating Neglected Horses
14 Horse Welfare at Processing Plants in Canada
15 Equine Information Document (EID)
16 Body Condition Scoring (BCS) Horses
17 Equine Import / Export Requirements for Canada
18 Equine Biosecurity
19 Animal Guardianship
20 The Alberta Horse Welfare Report
21 Humane Handling Guidelines for Horses, Standards for the Care of Unfit Animals
22 Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines
23 Equine Sanctuary & Rescue Facility Guidelines (UC Davis)
24 Ethical Considerations Around Horses, Domestic & Feral, & the Morality of Horse Meat
25 The Truth about Horse Slaughter in Canada