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Emergency preparedness - flooding

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Prepare for Emergency Now

So far during the 2017/2018 winter much of Canada has experienced prolonged periods of low temperatures and higher than average snow fall. In much of Canada the accumulation of snow is still on the ground in mid-February.

On the prairies, creeks, brooks and rivers are filled with thicker and heavier ice than normal. There has been some breakup of ice. When this thick ice moves downstream, water flow can back up and create a unmanageable flood in a short period of time.

When the snow melt comes and water runs downhill, creeks, brooks and rivers may not contain the extra water.

If you are responsible for horses or any livestock it is your responsibility to be prepared for a possible or potential emergency.

Are you prepared ???



AB - Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA)

BC - Emergency Management BC

MB - Emergency Management 

NB - River Watch

NL - Municipal Affairs and Environment - Flooding 

NS - Emergency Managment Office

NT - Community Emergency Planning

NU - Emergency Management

ON - Emergency Management Ontario

PE - Emergency Measures Organization

QC - Emergency Management

SK - Emergency Management

YT - Emergency Measures Organization

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